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I’ve lived in the big city best known as, New York City my whole life. I am currently a college student here in NYC. I started to blog to create a platform to express myself and share my world with people. I gained the passion to express myself when I was a little girl. I let my hands guide the pen but my heart spoke the words. I am a first time mother to a handsome baby boy named Noah Hill, who is one years old. Becoming a mother has opened up this door to blogging for me. I am here to connect with other mother’s women, & men, to share idea’s and to remind women that we are still women even after we have babies.  I am open to connecting with others. I am excited to share my blog with you all!


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I want to start of by saying welcome to Beauty & The Baby! 
Beauty & The Baby is about the beauty in everything. Motherhood is hard but it is beautiful. It’s about confidence and lifestyle.
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