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  1. SET A GOAL:  Whether it is big or small, always set a goal for yourself. Doing this will keep you going and going and going. It doesn’t matter if it is something simple as getting your laundry done by the end of the week or making it to the gym twice a week. JUST SET IT!

  2.  ALWAYS COMPLETE THE GOAL YOU SET: What is the point in setting a goal if you aren’t going to complete it? Start small and move your way up. Every-time I accomplish a goal, I automatically feel amazing! So guess what I do? I SET MORE GOALS.

  3. INCORPORATE ACTIVITY: Keep yourself active whether you are exercising, running small errands , taking walks around a local park, or in your neighborhood.

  4.  WRITE YOUR IDEAS DOWN: It is easy for us to sit on the couch or on the bed while watching T.V. Doing that can easily take away from being active and motivated. Now I’m not saying that we don’t deserve downtime but, find something simple to do like writing your ideas down. Writing your ideas down will only prepare you for your next move. Your next move will be the goal. The goal will ultimately put you on a mission, big or small. Your mission will KEEP YOU GOING.

  5.  CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Create a bucket list and challenge yourself! This will continuously give you something to look forward to accomplishing.

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  Ashley H

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I became a mother on January 7th, 2016. My son is 1 and a half and I can honestly say that this journey has had its tough moments. Being a first time mother I thought that I would have a hard time adjusting to becoming a mother but I must say that I adjusted pretty well.

Here are 3 SIMPLE tips that I highly recommend for those that are expecting.

1. GET READY –Prepare yourself for everything that is going to change

2. ACCEPT THE CHANGE- People always told me that becoming a parent was so hard because your life changes tremendously and, I agree with that statement. They have also told me how they had a hard time adjusting to the change. I found that when I was pregnant I prepared myself. When my son was born and life started changing I accepted it, which made the process much easier than I expected.

3. ALLOW YOUR SELF TO BE GREAT- Do not beat yourself up. Own your new journey!


The best part about being a mother is that I get to raise a boy into a man.

I have the opportunity to teach another human being right from wrong.

I have the chance to live a life that’s not all about me but all about someone else. This person just so happens to be my son.

Becoming a mother is like starting all over again. It’s as if you are being reborn again after having your newborn.

I have learned so much being Noah’s mother.

The greatest part about becoming a mother was learning to have patience!

This helped me in so many ways.

I’ve always been very careful with my decisions but now, I choose them very wisely.

My son is my everything! Becoming a mother has changed everything!

I regret Nothing and own being a mom because it is EVERYTHING to me!

Are you a mother? 

What are the best parts of being a mother? 

Did becoming a mother change you? 


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